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Brine Mixing Unit

Brine Mixing Unit


With the recent proliferation of horizontal wellbores and open-hole completions, many drilling and completion engineers now consider the completion operation to begin as soon as the drill bit enters the productive interval. Therefore, it is necessary to plan procedures and implement practices to reduce formation damage and maximize productivity at the earliest possible stage. Proper selection and application of the completion fluid is an integral part of this process.


Completion fluid can be defined as any fluid pumped downhole to conduct operations after the initial drilling of a well. Workover fluids are used during remedial operations after a well has been completed and produced oil and/or gas. Clear, solids-free brine completion/workover fluids serve to control downhole formation pressures while reducing the risk of permanent formation damage resulting from solids invasions or some form of incompatibility between the completion fluid and the situ matrix. The clear brines used are pure solutions of dissolved salt in water and must be stable at surface and downhole conditions.


Among the typical operations in which clear brines are applied are well kills, perforating, washing, drilling and gravel packing and as packer fluids. Completion fluids have no purpose within the formation and may in fact reduce the permeability. Clear brine completion fluids are formulated and applied in the field according to performance specifications that ensure well control with minimal permeability reduction.

WIG designed a complete mobile unit, used for brine mixing, consists of pipeline, extensions and required instrumentation for process monitoring. Unit to junction box fixed wiring. KROHNE Coriolis Optimass 1000 measuring device is used for brine quality monitoring. 

Main Features

  • Automatic Operation
  • Integration into existing plant.
  • Minimal floor space required.
  • Manufactured accordingly to the safety regulations
  • Pipeline construction and operation
  • Regulatory and environmental reporting and compliance
  • Corrosion management
  • User Friendly
  • Prompt aftersales service.

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Project Details


Our automation & control solutions range from conceptual design to start-up and commissioning and include control system configuration & integration, safety control systems, remote instrument enclosures (RIEs) & panels enclosure and panels design and traditional automation & control services combined with advanced applications offerings and field construction services

WIG offers an independent approach to vendor selection and application.

Our vendor-independent approach allows us to objectively assist in the selection process of the major controls in order to maximize operating efficiency and productivity. Also, as an engineering company, we have the internal knowledge and resources necessary to offer our clients turnkey solutions, from concept to commissioning and startup. Our extensive project management experience, paired with a structured implementation approach and early involvement in the project, can significantly reduce rework and associated costs later in the project.

WIG is one of the leading providers, in this part of Europe, of automation & control services, including system engineering, specification, integration and implementation.

Experience matters. We have built a reputation for innovation, quality and value through skillfully engineered automation & control systems to the upstream oil & gas as well as, water&wastewater, food and beverages and refining and chemical industries. We deliver projects to customers schedule, managing multiple and diverse technologies, automation, maintenance and business system integration and lifecycle costs.

We in WIG are fully aware that commissioning usually represents a critical stage in the life of a facility. Commissioning process may be considered as a series of vital checks undertaken before actual operation begins. Since the complete commissioning services play an important role in minimizing project risks and achieving performance goals from the very start, our job is to prove the integrity of all systems, identifying and correcting design and construction errors along the way. Our comprehensive approach helps our clients meet a host of challenges; regulatory, safety and environmental compliance; and naturally, operational performance.

We in WIG undertake complete responsibility for commissioning, whether we start in the engineering office, provide expertise in the fabrication yard or mobilize to a remote area.

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Our confidence and wide range of options are the result of support and cooperation we have been cultivating for more than 20 years with our Principals and Partners.

We also promote products and represent our principal's interests with an accent to provide comprehensive customers support in instrumentation selection and application, consulting, distribution of products and systems created by our principals and partners. After that stage, we take care of long term genuine spare parts supply and provision of technical documentation and manuals, software tools for operating and maintenance and many other customer related aspects.


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